AHM Heavy | TS200
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Static Pneumatic Tired Roller

10-15 tonne class static pneumatic tired roller for smooth finish and compaction on medium and large paving jobs.

Best compaction quality and efficiency

  • Nine pneumatic tires with uniform, high contact pressures and kneading effect achieve the target density.
  • Zero side clearance provides a full view of the tire edges for easy rolling along curbs and near buildings.
  • Tilting mechanism of the front wheels provides continuous contact at all times on uneven surfaces for uniform compaction and a smooth finish.
  • Pressurized water sprinkler system is standard to minimize pickup of hot mix asphalt( HMA) on tires.

Operators comfort

  • Comfortable suspension seat is standard to improve operator comfort.
  • Fold-down awning is standard for easy transportation.
  • Quiet and comfortable with low noise level.

High safety standards

  • Five mirrors are standard safety equipment for good visibility.
  • Flat floor and hand rail around the operator station protect operator against falling or tripping hazards.

Easy Maintenance

  • Easy cleaning water tank with a large drain plug and sloped bottom.
  • Water and release agent spray system (option) with anti-clog package,i.e., a plastic water tank, triple-protection filtration, etc., and with perfect draining winterization.
  • Water filter is easily cleaned by turning the lever. No need to change filters.
  • Easy-access lubrication device for the drive chain is standard.


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