AHM Heavy | AirROC D50 : Surface down the hole rig
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AirROC D50 : Surface down the hole rig

AirROC D50 is a down the hole drill rig capable to drill in most applications, and is ideal for construction, surface mining and quarries. It is easy to transport and set up at almost any kind of site. The drill rig is operator friendly and thanks to easily accessible service points very easy to maintain. It is exchangeable from DTH to TH, and the pneumatic operated hydraulic power pack for hydraulic cylinders, ensures high performance and excellent availability


Drilling method


Hole diameter

: 105 – 140 mm

Product series



Cabin (Y/N)




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  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Pavers
  • Rigid & Articulated Dump Truck
  • Drilling Machine
  • Generator Set
  • Pneumatic Equipment